Welcome to the official website of David Gergen~ Solo artist, Songwriter and Multi-insrumentalist. David recently released a 5 song EP “Odyssey”. It's been a couple of years since the last album "The Nearer it Was, the Farther it Became" was released and the time was spent writing and recording quite a bit. There is a certain theme to these new songs, you can decide for yourself what that is, but it's a view from a distant vantage point. The songs are personal but at the same time they are about things anyone can relate to in a life riddled with ups and downs.

To hear the results head over to the “music” page and take a listen. New songs will be posted often so keep checking back for those as well as videos and show dates.

Here is short write up on “Odyssey” from  Modern Visionaries blog site http://modernvisionaries.wordpress.com/david-gergen

Check back for performance dates!

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